Literature Circles English 8-10

Our Literature Circle boxes contain 6-7 copies of 6-7 titles. The teacher booktalks each title and then students choose a title that interests them and sit in a group with other students reading the same title.  These groups operate like mini-book clubs where students share their observations, favourite passages, and comments each class.  When they are finished one book, they move on to another title, and another group.  Word spreads quickly about which books are most popular, and with practice and guidance, the discussions amongst students become quite engaging. It’s a great way to get students to read 4-5 books in a 5-6 week period. I have my lit circle time as part of the class and teach other material the rest of the class.  Whatever variation works for you.


About phansenvsb

I am passionate about teaching reading and writing to a diverse audience from those experiencing challenges in reading and writing to those who seek deep enrichment in literature and its connections to the world in which it was written and to the present day. I also present workshops on assessment for learning, differentiated instruction, literature circles, disciplinary literacy, and inquiry.
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